Quality assurance of your prefabricated bathrooms

We have the market’s most thorough and well-documented quality assurance, providing complete transparency and insight for both our customers (contractors), clients, and ultimately facility management in terms of operations.

A thorough quality assurance process is carried out for each individual bathroom multiple times throughout the production.

In addition, each production employee also performs continuous self-checks. It is digitally recorded at each workstation, indicating which employee performed the check.

Photo documentation of the inspection is also recorded at several stations.

All documentation
is collected in one place.

The quality assurance is recorded in our self-developed digital system, which all involved project parties can access both during and after the execution process.

In this system, all documentation is also available.

Drawing set for the individual bathroom where you can also see how pipe and cable routings are executed.

Material lists with corresponding plumbing numbers, tile types, grout colors, and manufacturers. Even a breakdown of details on cable types and lengths in case of later replacement.

In other words, all documentation is systematized, fully accessible, and consolidated in one place.

Comprehensive planning and clarification of your bathrooms

We strive to deliver quality bathrooms that optimize the overall construction process and save both time and coordination on-site.

To ensure that your bathrooms are precisely executed to fit your project, we conduct a thorough planning process in collaboration with you.

Here, we will also leverage our extensive experience and explore possible optimizations.

In collaboration, we clarify all desired fittings and furnishings, and address the technical details to ensure they match the other installations in the building.

We follow a defined process with you, allowing sufficient time for thorough processing of drawings, which, of course, are ultimately approved by the customer before production begins.