Digitalization and automation

From the company’s inception, we have dedicated significant resources to the digitalization and automation of as many parts as possible in the overall execution process.

Among other things, our drawing process has been optimized for the creation of the many drawing sets required throughout the production process.

At the same time, all the many accompanying procedures and information flows between the purchasing department, warehouse, finance department, production, and logistics have been automated.

It is this digitalization and automation that enables us to produce a greener bathroom in Denmark and still compete with bathrooms produced abroad.


We no longer “draw” a bathroom – we define it in terms of geometry and layout. Based on this definition, the approximately 150 drawing files per bathroom are generated, which are required for production to handle its execution, including our machinery.


Our steel structures are punched and bent on a fully automated system that requires no human handling.

Our assembly line production optimizes the workflow so that it is the bathroom that comes to the employees, not the other way around, as in conventional construction.


Even though we have come a long way in development, we are far from done with optimizations.

In the future, we are working on robot technology for the execution of various processes and an even greater automation of the procurement process.