Bathrooms with the lowest environmental impact - LCA

All materials included in the bathroom’s standard construction are approved to be used in Swan-labeled and DGNB certified projects.

We are constantly working on optimizations in the construction so that our bathrooms leave the lowest possible environmental impact.

Similarly, we are constantly working on minimizing material waste as well as the best possible waste management and recycling when material waste occurs.

This means that we can deliver prefabricated bathrooms with the lowest environmental impact on the market. Our bathrooms emit between 3-4 kg CO2/m2/year (LCA), depending on the size of the bathroom.

At the same time, the bathrooms are produced at our factory in Denmark, saving the environment a considerable burden by minimizing the transportation to the construction site.

What do we do to protect the environment?

GreenBox is constantly working to minimize material waste and use products with low environmental impact.

Swan certification:
All materials used in our bathrooms can be part of Swan-labeled & DGNB certified construction. We aim to protect both the environment, our employees, and the future users of the bathrooms from toxic chemicals and gases.

We manufacture the bathrooms at our factory in Jutland, thereby minimizing the transportation distance to the construction site.

LCA (Life Cycle Assessment):
We generally build our bathrooms with materials that have a low environmental impact. Therefore, we can deliver bathrooms with an LCA calculation between 3-4 kg CO2/m2/year (depending on the size of the bathroom).

Green Flow:
We have developed a water-saving system that recycles shower water for flushing the toilet. This way, up to 27% of the household’s total water consumption is saved.