What is the bathroom of the future?

“GreenBox has developed prefabricated bathrooms in an innovative lightweight construction, providing great flexibility. This flexibility means that we can often deliver optimal solutions tailored to YOUR project.”

At the same time, we have taken the lead in efforts to be the manufacturer that delivers bathrooms with the least possible environmental impact.

Innovation means everything to us!
Overall, at GreenBox, we continuously strive to be the leading player in the market. Leading and being innovative require knowledge, resources, and, most importantly, the courage to dare. We are well aware that it is not easy; in fact, it is often difficult. However, it is precisely what makes it challenging and exciting.

Local production in Denmark

We believe that prefabricated bathrooms should be of the highest quality and produced in a healthy working environment under responsible conditions. That’s why we manufacture all our bathrooms at the factory in Aulum (between Herning & Holstebro)

We have an agreement with the Confederation of Danish Industry, have received the Danish Working Environment Authority’s ‘Green Smiley’, and only employ labor residing in Denmark.

However, we believe that optimization, digitalization, automation, low environmental impact, and Danish quality are what create the bathroom of the future.

With prefabricated bathrooms from us, you gain these particular advantages


Prefabricated bathrooms for your next construction project don’t necessarily have to be rectangular or feature tile and plaster walls or otherwise be ‘ordinary’.

We offer significant architectural freedom when it comes to design, material choices, and placement.

Among other things, we offer the installation of ‘slabs’ – meaning large tiles from floor to ceiling and in widths of up to 160 cm.

This provides COMPLETELY different possibilities for a unique architectural expression (and also minimizes the number of joints in relation to cleaning).

Unlimited technical possibilities

We carry out the technical installations of the bathroom to fit your specific construction – both in terms of location and choice of technical installations. This way, you save hands and time on the construction site.

For example, you can choose the preparatory technical installations for the kitchen or decentralized ventilation units mounted on the bathroom cabinets.

Positive results on the bottom line – for both economy and the environment

The lightweight bathroom modules from Green Box allow for streamlining the structural elements in multi-story buildings, thereby reducing both floor separation and the thickness of the concrete slab.

In this way, you will experience a significant reduction in building materials, achieving savings in both CO2 emissions and the economic costs of the shell structure.

Floor construction that
reduces building height.

The prefabricated bathrooms have a floor construction that ensures a low built-in height – down to 95 mm without floor insulation. The floor construction is, as standard, composed of a concrete-cast floor embedded in a hot-dip galvanized steel profile, where the entire floor is naturally sloped towards the drain. The steel frame allows for a significant reduction in the thickness of concrete. The entire floor is waterproofed with a top-quality sheet material, guaranteeing the correct membrane thickness throughout the bathroom. This ensures your confidence when the project manager visits your project. The low built-in height reduces the floor height, thereby decreasing the overall building height. Additionally, the amount of building materials on your project will also be reduced. In this way, positive results are achieved on both the environmental and economic bottom lines, allowing you to build sustainably.

Light bathroom with a
strong wall construction

The walls are constructed with hot-dip galvanized steel cassettes covered with plasterboard, making them incredibly strong and stable. Our wall-mounted toilets can handle a load of 400 kg, and sinks are tested with a load of 200 kg. All walls are resistant to screws and can potentially serve as apartment partitions, as they comply with both sound and fire requirements for apartment partitions with the correct insulation. Tiled walls in wet areas are waterproofed with a top-quality sheet material to prevent moisture penetration. At the same time, a smooth surface for tile installation is achieved. There is, therefore, no risk of hidden moisture damage or loose tiles in the wet zone. Other wall surfaces can be painted or clad with wall tiles. You can also choose, for example, floor-to-ceiling wall tiles, steel surfaces, or glass cladding. All walls are resistant to screws and can potentially serve as apartment partitions, as they comply with both sound and fire requirements for apartment partitions with the correct insulation.